Bald, low on pressure, or got a puncture? Whatever your tyre problem, we can repair on replace them with ease at Garage on the Green.

Tyres can run into all kinds of problems, but we have a team of trained, reliable mechanics ready to help you. Whether you need a puncture sealed or a whole new set of tyres on your vehicle, we have the equipment and knowledge to solve the issue and get you back on the road safely.

If you're not sure if your tyres are working as they should, look out for shuddery driving, veering off to the left or right as you drive, and difficulty steering.

All of these are signs that you have a problem, and it's worth coming in quickly before it gets any worse.

  • Quick and accurate diagnostics of the issues with your tyres
  • Efficient tyre repairs and patches
  • Single, multiple, of full tyre replacement services
  • Friendly, local team with plenty of experience
  • Locally based workshop in Silverhill, St Leonards
  • Competitive pricing even for urgent jobs

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