Clutch maintenance isn't needed at every MOT or service. But if yours is playing up, we can help get things back to normal with our clutch repair work.

It isn't strange for clutches to have issues or become worn down completely over time. If you're having difficulty shifting gear, experiencing a sticky, loose, or vibrating clutch, or strange noises when you press the clutch, it's time to bring your car into our team. We can check out what's going on and identify the exact problem.

Usually, with clutch problems, the best solution is simply to replace them. Our experienced mechanics can do this quickly and simply, giving you a solution to your problem without hassle and making sure you're safe when you drive away. It's as easy as that!

  • Diagnostics of the clutch problem
  • A trained technician will repair or replace your clutch
  • Efficient services to get you back on the road quickly
  • A trusted, local team of experienced car experts
  • Locally based workshop in Silverhill, St Leonards
  • Tips for maintaining the life of your newly repaired or brand new clutch

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